By buying this product you are acknowledging that your cable will now be internet based. As such, it will be subject to your internet providers services. 
Market Laptops and More takes NO responsibility for poor or unstable internet. Market Laptops and more is not an internet company. Furthermore, Market Laptops and More is a third party, and as such cannot legally talk to your internet provider on your behalf. We make ourselves available if you are in need of advice, but ultimately, we have NO control over your internet or internet provider.
Devices are warranted for up to 6 months with a receipt for repair or replace.
Market Laptops and More does not sell, host, own, or maintain any copyrighted item, is not affiliated in any way with broadcasted channels, nor are we responsible for the availability of their content. 
Premium Packages- Prepaid months are NONREFUNDABLE. It is highly advised you start with one month to make sure your internet can handle your streaming before purchasing further months. Our Premium Service is a prepaid subscription and will expire 30 days after your initial purchase of one month. There is no contract for your subscription. 
You may prepay as you go.
You are solely responsible for paying for it at your discretion. 
We occasionally have server maintenance which is a rare occurrence and will usually post an announcement on the website.